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Why Foster?

Fosters are the backbone of every good rescue…without them, dogs and cats sit in kennels. You don’t need money, a beautiful house, or a big car to foster…all you need is a safe environment and a big heart. You tell us how long you can keep the animal. Sometimes we need emergency fosters; this means, that the animal may either be killed or dumped on the street at any moment. Once they are safe, we can look for a more permanent foster. This might be for days, weeks, months or longer, but you tell us what you are capable of providing. The pet is ours but you are fostering. We take care of the big expenses; vet bills, training, etc. All you have to do is love and well basically taking as good of care of them as you would your own flesh and blood cat or dog. What you receive in return is not not only unconditional love, but the knowledge that you made a difference in the life of a living being. You saved a life. How many people can really say that?